Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back from Beverly

So I am back for the Third Annual Encaustic Conference at Montserrat College of Art in Beverley Mass. I had a great time, met lots of people whose work I had seen while jurying the Working In Wax show here in Ca. My friend Elena De La Ville won the Director's prize, with her wonderfull work, Congrats!

I met Gregory Wright who won the Curator's prize at Beauty and it's opposites.

Saw many great new ideas at the demos and had much to think about from the panels, discussions and of course talking and talking with loads of people at breakfast, lunch, dinner and n between sessions.
The shopping was great as usual, I bought some wax and gesso from R&F and checked out the hot tools at Enkaustikos. Rodney Thompson had some new ideas for panels and sold out once again. His new torch holder is a great idea. Miles Conrad was there as well selling the catalogue from the Fourth Annual Encaustic Invitational. (My work is on page 15.) There was a new vendor form Canada selling medium made from yellow beeswax, a much differenct color.

I have to say that one of my favorite things wsa the DVD that Kandy Lozano showed at her talk about working large. It is a beatifully edited and produced film of her working in her studio. Painting, fusing, scraping, pounding pigment into the surface, and flexing her muscles to pick up her huge paintings. And she has an amazing studio in Malibu CA, nice....I am thinking about organizing a movie night next year, with popcorn...

Wax and Wane the installation of wax objects in the hot window at 301 Gallery, by Miles Conrad and his students. Yes they did fall, but they didn't seem to melt very much...

Lots of people at the opening at 301 Gallery.

The opening at Beauty and it's Opposites

Tracy Spadadora from the Luminouis Landscape show in the Hallway gallery.

Eileen teaching the teachers...
Can't wait till next year..