Friday, January 22, 2010

Working with Wax at the Art Gallery, Santa Rosa Junior Colleg Jan 21 2010. The artists at the opening, from left, me, Howard Hersh, JulieNelson, Mark Perlman, MAry Black, Robin Denevan and Lisa Kairos.

the crowd at the opening..that is Mary Black second from left

Me in front of Landing 13 , 24"X24" on my left.

My six paintings right when you walk in the gallery, all in the Landing series.

So we had a fabulous opening at Working With Wax last night. Lots of people and talking. Thomas Morphis the curator put together an amazing show. Thomas selected artists that all have a sensibilitiy of gorgeous surface, intuitive composition and either lush color or quiet monochrome. Of course being at the opening it is hard to actually look at the art, talking to everyone, chatting about my work. But I did get to take a few minutes in front of Eleanor wood's work. She combines watercolor, wax, pastels, oil stick, thread, etc on paper. Very compelling.. And Julie Nelson also minimal color but very beautiful and funny... the website has a slide show to see all the work. But these have to been seen in person to really get the full effect.

The artists are:

Tracey Adams, Mary Black, Emily Clawson, Robin Denevan, Eileen P. Goldenberg, Howard Hersh, Lisa Kairos, Julie Nelson, Mark Perlman, Carrie Ann Plank, and Eleanor Wood

It is worth the trip to see the show. There will be a talk by Mark Perlman on Monday Jan 25 from noon -1:30 and Mary Black will be doing a demo on Feb 4 1-4.

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Nancy Natale said...

Hi Eileen,
Thanks for posting this. I really liked the photo of the artists and of you with your work to see the scale. I went to the online site for the show and I loved the work. What a strong show! I posted the link to your blog and to the show on the NEW yahoo group site so people could take a look. Congratulations on being included in this wonderful group!